109(2) volume

Volume 109, Number 2 (2022)

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T. Talve, L. Talgre, M. Toom, L. Edes, E. Karron, B. Koll, V. Eremeev, A. Luik, E. Loit, G. Börjesson
Composition of the microbial community in long-term organic and conventional farming systems


J. Csajbók, E. T. Kutasy, A. A. Melash, I. C. Virág, É. B. Ábrahám
Agro-biological traits of soybean cultivars, their yield quantity and quality under Central European conditions


L. A. Pravdyva, V. A. Doronin, V. V. Dryha, V. S. Khakhula, S. P. Vakhniy, I. I. Mykolaiko
Yield capacity and energy value of sorghum grain depending on the application of mineral fertilisers


O. Aliieva, A. Polyakov, E. Aliiev
Features of photosynthetic activity and water consumption of safflower


D. Mahmoudi, F. Shekari, K. Afsahi, A. Maleki
Evaluation of the responses of basil to the application of salicylic acid and gibberellic acid


R. A. Kankariya, A. B. Chaudhari, N. D. Dandi
Statistical production optimisation, Fusarium biocontrol and insecticidal activity of 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol produced by a newly discovered moderately haloalkalitolerant Pseudomonas guariconensis VDA8


K. Verikaitė, J. Ramanauskienė, R. Armonienė, A. Ronis
Evaluation of fungicide application programmes for Septoria tritici blotch control in winter wheat


V. Dragić, D. Miljaković, J. Marinković, M. Ignjatov, D. Milošević, J. Vasin, A. Bulajić, M. Vojvodić, M. Ivanović
Biocontrol of Botrytis cinerea and promotion of tomato growth by local soil-borne Bacillus isolates


E. Andriūnaitė, I. Tamošiūnė, D. Gelvonauskienė, J. Vinskienė, V. Stanys, D. Baniulis, R. Rugienius
Effect of endophytic bacteria isolates on growth and oxidative stress injury of transgenic tobacco shoots in vitro


V. Stakelienė, I. Pašakinskienė
Fluorescent in situ hybridisation in plants: new ways to link DNA sequence resources and chromosome loci – a review


L. Merkevičiūtė-Venslovė, A. Šlepetienė, J. Cesevičienė, A. Mankevičienė, E. Venslovas
Peculiarities of chemical composition of main types of silage prepared from grasses, legumes, and small grain crop mixtures


K. de Vitte, S. Kerzienė, J. Klementavičiūtė, M. de Vitte, V. Dilbienė, R. Ugenskienė, E. Bartkienė, R. Stankevičius
Effect of restricted grazing or feeding with total mix ration environments on the properties of milk quantity and quality from dairy cows of different genotypes

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