110(1) volume

Volume 110, Number 1 (2023)

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A. Allam, M. Zouidi, A. Kefifa, A. H. Borsali, S. A. Aouadj, S. Negrichi, A. M. Farnet da Silva, C. Rébufa
Changes in soil physico-chemical and biological quality after two decades of forest soil conversion to agricultural land
L. Zhu, X. zhao, J. Wang, P. Wang, L. Li
Appropriate dense planting with nitrogen fertilisation increased maize grain yield and soil organic carbon
D. Janusauskaite
Allelopathic effect of aqueous extracts of common sunflower on seed germination and growth of field pea
R. Górski, A. Płaza
Heavy metal content in green matter of field pea and spring triticale mixtures and their usage determination as green fodder for animals
R. Chipilski, I. Moskova, A. Pencheva, K. Kocheva
Enhancement of maize seed viability after cold storage and induced senescence by priming with synthetic cytokinins
S. Temel, B. Keskin, S. Çakmakçi
Effect of different dormancy-breaking methods on seed germination and vigour of Atraphaxis spinosa
N. Tsenov, T. Gubatov, I. Yanchev
Environmental influence on grain quality stability of common wheat cultivars
I. Zambriborshch, O. Shestopal, M. Chekalova, D. Shpak, T. Shpak, A. Afinogenov
Stabilisation of promising breeding rice plants resistant to Pyricularia oryzae
T. Gerasko, M. Kolesnikov, N. Nezhnova, G. Ninova, O. Alekseeva, Z. Kovtuniuk
Activity of antioxidant enzymes and malondialdehyde content in sweet cherry fruits under living mulch conditions
S. Aras, A. Endes
Effect of Fusarium oxysporum infection on strawberry under calcium, iron, and zinc deficiency conditions
D. Vaitiekūnaitė, G. Striganavičiūtė, E. Beniušytė, V. Sirgedaitė-Šėžienė, M. Augustauskaitė Putative biocontrol agents for European forest pathogens found in English oak (Quercus robur L.) endosphere 79–86
S. Hadian, S. Supronienė
The potential of Artemisia spp. plant extracts and endophytic bacteria to increase plant productivity: A review
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