110(2) volume

Volume 110, Number 2 (2023)

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О. Demyanyuk, K. Oliinyk, H. Davydiuk, V. Yula, K. Shatkovska, I. Mostoviak
Productivity of winter wheat under cultivation technologies of different intensity
I. V. Kosakivska, L. V. Voytenko, V. A. Vasyuk, M. M. Shcherbatiuk
Abscisic acid-induced response of Triticum aestivum and T. spelta phytohormonal system to moderate soil drought
Y. Makukh, S. Remeniuk, S. Moshkivska, V. Riznyk, N. Zatserkovna, O. Rudnyk-Ivashchenko, M. Buzynnyi
Water use of sugar beet and spring barley in different crop rotations and fertilisation systems in chernozem in Ukraine
J. Sekulić, Ž. Milovac, A. Marjanović Jeromela, M. Bajagić, T. Trakić, F. Popović 
Effect of single and mixture of insecticides on earthworms: results from field and laboratory experiments
T. Cakmakci
Assessment of growth, seed yield, and water productivity of two Chenopodium quinoa cultivars under different  irrigation levels in semiarid conditions
B. Keskin, S. Temel, S. Akbay Tohumcu
Determination of forage yield performance of different Chenopodium quinoa cultivars in saline conditions
D. Todevska, B. Kovacevik, S. Kostadinvik-Velickovska, N. Markova-Ruzdik, L. Mihajlov
Evaluation of the quality traits of red cherry tomato varieties grown in alkaline soil
M. F. Dönmez, I. Temel
Use of antagonistic bacteria against Xanthomonas hortorum  pv. vitians causing disease in lettuce
R. Dastjerdi, M. Pirkhezri
Preliminary evaluation of Prunus spp. germplasm for resistance to white root rot (Rosellinia necatrix) disease
J. Jatkauskas, V. Vrotniakiene, I. Eisner, K. L. Witt, G. Copani
Effect of different conditions to forage before ensiling and use of a lactic acid bacteria-based additive on the fermentation and aerobic stability of maize silage
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