Volume 104, Number 2 (2017)


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Ž. Kadžiulienė, V. Tilvikienė, I. Liaudanskienė, L. Pocienė, Ž. Černiauskienė,
E. Zvicevičius, A. Raila
Artemisia dubia growth, yield and biomass characteristics for combustion
R. Velička, R. Mockevičienė, A. Marcinkevičienė, R. Pupalienė, Z. Kriaučiūnienė,
L. M. Butkevičienė, R. Kosteckas, S.Čekanauskas
The effect of non-chemical weed control on soil biological properties in a spring oilseed rape crop
A. Litvinovich, O. Pavlova, A. Lavrishchev, V. Bure, E. Saljnikov

Empirical models of transformations of humic acids and humin in Umbric Albeluvisol Abruptic as influenced by liming

G. Staugaitis, L. Aleknavičienė, Z. Brazienė, A. Marcinkevičius, V.Paltanavičius

The influence of foliar fertilization with nitrogen, sulphur, amino acids and microelements on spring wheat

M. Alaru, L. Talgre, A. Luik, B. Tein, V. Eremeev, E. Loit

Barley undersown with red clover in organic and conventional systems: nitrogen aftereffect on legume growth

R. Kolosej, I. Jonuškienė, P. Venskutonis, R. Kazernavičiūtė, Z. Brazienė, E. Jakienė,
K. Kvederavičiūtė, A. Kanopka, L. Vilys, V. Mickevičius
The influence of β-alanine derivative products on spring oilseed rape yield and oil quality
A. Mumtaz, H. A. Sadaqat, M. Saeed, M. I. Yousaf, A. Shehzad, H. G. M. D. Ahmed

Genetic behaviour of qualitative and seed yield-related traits in Brassica rapa

I. Mežaka, I. Ločmele, D. Rungis, L. Legzdina

Response of bi-parental spring barley populations to cultivation in organic and conventional farming systems

A. Šešlija, B. Vucelić-Radović, S. Stanojević, J. Savić, D. Rančić, I. Pećinar, V. Kandić,
D. Dodig
Water-soluble carbohydrates accumulation in peduncle of wheat and its relationship to morpho-anatomical and productive traits
M. Lacko-Bartošova, J. Remža, L. Lacko-Bartošova

Fusarium mycotoxin contamination and co-occurrence in Slovak winter wheat grains

K. Abbasi, D. Zafari, R. Wick

Evaluation of chitinase enzyme in fungal isolates obtained from golden potato cyst nematode (Globodera rostochiensis)

D. Kviklys, J. Lanauskas, N. Uselis, J. Viškelis, A. Viškelienė, L. Buskienė, G. Staugaitis,
R. Mažeika, G. Samuolienė
Rootstock vigour and leaf colour affects apple tree nutrition
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