101(4) volume

Volume 101, Number 4 (2014)


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A. Velykis, A. Satkus, L. Masilionytė
Effect of tillage, lime sludge and cover crop on soil physical state and growth of spring oilseed rape
L. Grantina-Ievina, A. Karlsons, U. Andersone-Ozola, G. Ievinsh
Effect of freshwater sapropel on plants in respect to its growth-affecting activity and cultivable microorganism content
A. Siwik-Ziomek, J. Lemanowicz
The content of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur in soil against the activity of selected hydrolases as affected by crop rotation and fertilisation
G. Staugaitis, Z. Brazienė, A. Marcinkevičius, R. Mažeika, Š. Antanaitis, R. Staugaitienė
Spring barley response to nitrogen and sulphur fertiliser rates calculated using different diagnostic methods
D. Janušauskaitė
Analysis of grain yield and its components in spring triticale under different N fertilization regimes
M. Tampere, K. Kauer, I. Keres, E. Loit, A. Selge, R. Viiralt, H. Raave
Effects of sward botanical composition on nitrogen and potassium leaching in cut grassland
V. Suchockas, A. Malinauskas, G. Urbaitis, A. Pliūra
The influence of soil preparation on the development of ground vegetation in forest plantations on arable farmland and forest clear-cut areas
G. Šiaudinis, D. Karčauskienė, A. Šlepetienė
The impact of lime and nitrogen fertilization on cocksfoot and reed canary grass productivity in Albeluvisol and energy evaluation of their cultivation technology
K. Jonavičienė, G. Statkevičiūtė, V. Kemešytė, G. Brazauskas
Genetic and phenotypic diversity for drought tolerance in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)
I. Kokina, G. Statkevičiūtė, A. Leistrumaitė, I. Rashal
The pecularities of genetic structure of the Blumeria graminis f. sp. hordei population in Lithuania
J. Ramanauskienė, I. Gaurilčikienė, S. Supronienė, A. Ronis, R. Česnulevičienė
Evaluation of eyespot incidence and structure of Oculimacula spp. population in winter rye in Lithuania
K. Hiiesaar, R. Karise, I. H. Williams, A. Luik, L. Metspalu, K. Jõgar, V. Eremeev, A. Ploomi, E. Kruus, M. Mänd
Cold tolerance of Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say) adults and eggs
M. Živčák, K. Olšovská, P. Slamka, J. Galambošová, V. Rataj, H.-B. Shao, H. M.   Kalaji, M. Brestič
Measurements of chlorophyll fluorescence in different leaf positions may detect nitrogen deficiency in wheat
K. Bartoszek
Usefulness of MODIS data for assessment of the growth and development of winter oilseed rape
G. Treigytė, I. Zaikova, D. Matuzevičius, V. Čeksterytė, G. Dabkevičienė, B. Kurtinaitienė, R. Navakauskienė
Comparative proteomic analysis of pollen of Trifolium pratense, T. alexandrinum and T. repens
Algirdas Sliesaravičius – a renowned Lithuanian geneticist, initiator and originator of plant biotechnology research 461–462
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