102(1) volume

Volume 102, Number 1 (2015)

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V. Feiza, D. Feizienė, A. Sinkevičienė, V. Bogužas, A. Putramentaitė, S. Lazauskas,
I. Deveikytė, V. Seibutis, V. Steponavičienė, S. Pranaitienė
Soil water capacity, pore-size distribution and CO2 e-flux in different soils after long-term no-till management
M. Jarvan, L. Edesi
Nitrogen cycle bacteria in soils of organically and conventionally managed crop rotations
E. Wilczewski, A. Piotrowska-Długosz, G. Lemańczyk
Properties of Luvisol and spring barley yield as affected by peas as a catch crop
S. Jankauskienė, E. Gruzdevienė
Changes of wild and cultivated stinging nettle (Urtica dioica L.) productivity at different implantation densities and crop age
B. Sawicka, W. Michałek, P. Pszczółkowski
The relationship of potato tubers chemical composition with selected physiological indicators
H. Gao, H. Mao, X. Zhang
Determination of lettuce nitrogen content using spectroscopy with efficient wavelength selection and extreme learning machine
N. Lamanauskas, R. Bobinaitė, S. Šatkauskas, P. Viškelis, G. Pataro, G. Ferrari
Pulsed electric field-assisted juice extraction of frozen/thawed blueberries
B. Bankina, A. Ruža, L. Paura, I. Priekule
The effects of soil tillage and crop rotation on the development of winter wheat leaf diseases
R. Tamošiūnas, A. Valiuškaitė, L. Jukna, K. Tamošiūnas, A. F. Žiogas
Spatial distribution patterns of apple sawfly populations in two differently managed commercial apple orchards
R. Rakauskas, J. Havelka, A. Zaremba
Plum (Prunus spp.) aphid guild (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha, Aphididae) structure in Lithuania: any impact of an alien aphid species?
E. Kupčinskienė, L. Zybartaitė, A. Paulauskas
Comparison of genetic diversity of three Impatiens species from Central Europe and Baltic region
J. Jatkauskas, V. Vrotniakienė, A. Lanckriet
The effect of different types of inoculants on the characteristics of alfalfa, ryegrass and red clover/ryegrass/timothy silage
R. Matulaitis, V. Juškienė, R. Juška
Measurement of methane production from pig and cattle manure in Lithuania
Short communications
L. Urbanavičienė, D. Šneideris, M. Žižytė
Wheat streak mosaic virus detected in winter wheat in Lithuania
S. Mazur, H. Kurzawińska, M. Nadziakiewicz, J. Nawrocki
Redroot pigweed as a host for Alternaria alternata – the causal agent of Alternaria leaf blight in potato
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