103(1) volume

Volume 103, Number 1 (2016)


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L. Masilionytė, S. Maikštėnienė
The effect of alternative cropping systems on the changes of the main nutritional elements in the soil
R. Velička, A. Marcinkevičienė, R. Pupalienė, L. M. Butkevičienė, R. Kosteckas, S. Čekanauskas, Z. Kriaučiūnienė
Winter oilseed rape and weed competition in an organic farming using non-chemical weed control
J. Miliauskienė, S. Sakalauskienė, S. Lazauskas, V. Povilaitis, A. Brazaitytė, P. Duchovskis
The competition between winter rape (C3) and maize (C4) plants in response to elevated carbon dioxide and temperature, and drought stress
F. Ye, H.-F. Cao, Y. Fu, L.-X. Zhao, S. Gao
The safener effect of chiral derivatives of 3-dichloroacetyl oxazolidine against haloxyfop-P-methyl-induced toxicity in maize
A. Motuzas, R. Vaisvalavičius, N. Sabienė
Heavy metal sorption capacity and mobility in the Retisol profile in relation to the contamination
R. Weber, W. Kita, W. Pusz, R. Kieloch
The variability of the occurrence of Fusarium culmorum in winter wheat grain in relation to climatic conditions and cultivation methods
S. Shahabivand, H. Z. Maivan, E. Mahmoudi, B. M. Soltani, M. Sharifi, A. A. Aliloo
Antioxidant activity and gene expression associated with cadmium toxicity in wheat affected by mycorrhizal fungus
Z. Zydlik, E. Pacholak, K. Rutkowski, K. Styła
The influence of a mycorrhizal vaccine on a biochemical properties of soil in the plantation of blueberry
U. Erdogan, R. Cakmakci, A. Varmazyari, M. Turan, Y  Erdogan, N. Kitir
Role of inoculation with multi-trait rhizobacteria on strawberries under water deficit stress
I. Miliūtė, O. Buzaitė, D. Gelvonauskienė, A. Sasnauskas, V. Stanys, D. Baniulis
Plant growth promoting and antagonistic properties of endophytic bacteria isolated from domestic apple
N. Lamanauskas, G. Pataro, Č. Bobinas, S. Šatkauskas, P. Viškelis, R. Bobinaitė, G. Ferrari
Impact of pulsed electric field treatment on juice yield and recovery of bioactive compounds from raspberries and their by-products
A. Radzevičius, J. Viškelis, R. Karklelienė, D. Juškevičienė, P. Viškelis
Determination of tomato quality attributes using near infrared spectroscopy and reference analysis
D. Todorova, Z. Katerova, E. Shopova, M. Jodinskienė, S. Jurkonienė, I. Sergiev
Responses of pea plants to heat stress and spermine treatment
E. Bartkienė, V. Bartkevics, V. Starkutė, V. Krunglevičiūtė, D. Čižeikienė, D. Žadeikė, G. Juodeikienė, Z. Maknickienė
Chemical composition and nutritional value of seeds of Lupinus luteus, L. angustifolius and new hybrid lines of L. angustifolius

S. M. Mirmajlessi, I. Larena, M. Mänd, E. Loit
First report on the detection and quantification of Verticillium dahliae from Estonian strawberry fields using quantitative real-time PCR

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