103(2) volume

Volume 103, Number 2 (2016)


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E. Nugis, L. Edesi, K. Tamm, J. Kadaja, E. Akk, P. Viil, E. Ilumae
Response of soil physical properties and dehydrogenase activity to contrasting tillage systems
J. Vigovskis, A. Jermuss, A. Svarta, D. Sarkanbarde
The changes of soil acidity in long-term fertilizer experiments
R. Skuodienė, D. Karčauskienė, R. Repšienė
The influence of primary soil tillage, deep loosening and organic fertilizers on weed incidence in crops
A. Kazlauskaitė-Jadzevičė, S. Marcinkonis, E. Bakšienė
Energy value of biomass produced on various land uses in a sandy loam Haplic Luvisol
Q. Shi, J. Wang, J. Zou, Z. Jiang, H. Wu, J. Wang, W. Jiang, D. Liu
Cadmium localization and its toxic effects on root tips of barley
I. Gruss, J. Twardowski
The assemblages of soil-dwelling springtails (Collembola) in winter rye under long-term monoculture and crop rotation
D. Avižienytė, Z. Brazienė, K. Romaneckas, A. Marcinkevičius
Efficacy of fungicides in sugar beet crops
D. Čolovic, J. Berenji, A. Levart, J. Levic, J. Salobir, L. Pezo, R. Čolovic
Nutritional characteristics of seeds of eighteen linseed (Linum humille Mill.) cultivars from Serbia
P. Kuzniar, E. Szpunar-Krok, P. Findura, J. Buczek, D. Bobrecka-Jamro
Physical and chemical properties of soybean seeds determine their susceptibility to mechanical damage
M. S. Odabas, J. Radusiene, L. Ivanauskas, V. Jakstas, N. Camas, S. Kayikci
Secondary metabolites in Hypericum species and their distribution in different plant parts
R. Iličic, J. Balaž, V. Stojšin, F. Bagi, R. Pivić, A. Stanojković-Sebić, D. Jošić
Molecular characterization of Pseudomonas syringae pvs. from different host plants by repetitive sequence-based PCR and multiplex-PCR
R. Rugienius, L. Šnipaitienė, G. Stanienė, J. B. Šikšnianienė, P. Haimi, D. Baniulis,
B. Frercks, V. Pranckietis, V.Lukoševičiūtė, V. Stanys
Cold acclimation efficiency of different Prunus and Fragaria species and cultivars in vitro
K. Juhnevica-Radenkova, V. Radenkovs, D. Segliņa
Influence of 1-MCP treatment and storage conditions on the development of microorganisms on the surface of apples grown in Latvia
M. Hou, X. Shao
Optimization of ir rigation-drainage scheme for tomato crop based on multi-index analysis and projection pursuit model
H. Abbasi, M. Jamil, A. Haq, S Ali, R. Ahmad, Z. Malik, Parveen
Potassium regulation of ionic relations and redox status of salt affected plants: a review
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