103(3) volume

Volume 103, Number 3 (2016)

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E. Nugis, A. Velykis, A. Satkus
Estimation of soil structure and physical state in the seedbed under different tillage and environmental conditions
R. Seyed Sharifi
Application of biofertilizers and zinc increases yield, nodulation and unsaturated fatty acids of soybean
E. Wojcik-Gront, M. Bloch-Michalik
Assessment of greenhouse gas emission from life cycle of basic cereals production in Poland
M. Mirosavljevic, V. Momčilović, N. Pržulj, N. Hristov, V. Aćin, P. Čanak, S. Denčić
The variation of agronomic traits associated with breeding progress in winter barley cultivars
S. Alijošius, G. J. Švirmickas, S. Bliznikas, R. Gružauskas, V. Šašytė, A. Racevičiūtė-Stupelienė, V. Kliševičiūtė, A. Daukšienė
Grain chemical composition of different varieties of winter cereals
S. Supronienė, S. Sakalauskas, A.MankevičienėK.Barčauskaitė, A. Jonavičienė
Distribution of B type trichothecene producing Fusarium species in wheat grain and its relation to mycotoxins DON and NIV concentrations
A. Aliverdi, H. Hammami
The effect of cationic and nonionic surfactants on the efficacy of ALS-inhibitor herbicides against Avena sterilis
L. Pocienė, Ž. Kadžiulienė
Biomass yield and fibre components in reed canary grass and tall fescue grown as feedstock for combustion
J. Jatkauskas, V. Vrotniakienė
Effect of the inoculant on the fermentation, microbial populations and aerobic stability of whole plant maize ensiled in large tubes
A. Bieniek, E. Draganska, V. Pranckietis
Assessment of climatic conditions for Actinidia arguta cultivation in north-eastern Poland
W. Treder, K. Klamkowski, W. Kowalczyk, D. Sas, K. Wójcik
Possibilities of using image analysis to estimate the nitrogen nutrition status of apple trees
K. Carman, T. Marakoglu, A. Taner, F. Mikailsoy
Measurements and modelling of wind erosion rate in different tillage practices using portable wind erosion tunnel
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