103(4) volume

Volume 103, Number 4 (2016)


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I. Kinderienė, D. Karčauskienė
Assessment of soil erosion processes as influenced by different land-use systems on hilly rolling landscape of Western Lithuania
T. Glab, A. Żabinski, U. Sadowska
Tractor traffic and nitrogen fertilization affect the herbage production of the red clover/grass sward
G. Staugaitis, I. Narutytė, J. Arbačauskas, Z. Vaišvila, K. Rainys, R. Mažeika, A. Masevičienė, L. Žičkienė, D. Šumskis
The influence of composts on yield and chemical elements of winter wheat and spring barley
A. Jonavičienė, S. Supronienė, R. Semaškienė
Microdochium nivale and M. majus as seedling blight causative agents in spring cereals
L. Rachon, G. Szumilo, A. Szafranska, D. Kotyrba
Bread-making potential of selected spring wheat species depending on crop year and production technology intensity
G. Dabkevičienė, G. Statkevičiūtė, J. Mikaliūnienė, E. Norkevičienė, V. Kemešytė
Production of Trifolium pratense L. and T. hybridum L. tetraploid populations and assessment of their agrobiological characteristics
P. Radacsi, K. Szabo, D. Szabo, E. Trocsanyi, E. Nemeth-Zambori
Effect of water deficit on yield and quality of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L.)
K. Juhnevica-Radenkova, V. Radenkovs, D. Seglina
Microbiological changes and severity of decay in apples stored for a long-term under different storage conditions
S. M. Mirmajlessi, M. Mänd, N. Najdabbasi, I. Larena, E. Loit
Screening of native Trichoderma harzianum isolates for their ability to control Verticillium wilt of strawberry
N. Velkov, G. Pevicharova
Effects of cucumber grafting on yield and fruit sensory characteristics
E. Koc, Y. Kaşko Arici, C. İşlek
Pretreatment with spermidine and proline reverses inhibitory effects of Phytophthora capsici stress in pepper
M. U. Majid, M. F. Awan, K. Fatima, M. S. Tahir, Q. Ali, B. Rashid, A. Q. Rao, I. A. Nasir, T. Husnain
Phytophthora capsici on chilli pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) and its management through genetic and bio-control: a review
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