104(1) volume

Volume 104, Number 1 (2017)

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A. Bardule, A. Lupikis, A. Butlers, A. Lazdins
Organic carbon stock in different types of mineral soils in cropland and grassland in Latvia
D. Fu, M. Liu, Q. Chang, L. Liu, A. Lv
Degradation capacity of humic acids-degrading bacteria on humic acids extracted from arable soil
S. Andruszczak
Reaction of winter spelt cultivars to reduced tillage system and chemical plant protection
B. Seifolahpour, S. Bahraminejad, K. Cheghamirza
Genetic diversity of einkorn wheat (Triticum boeoticum Boiss.) accessions from the central Zagros Mountains
S. Mikic, A. Kondić-Špika, L. Brbaklić, D. Stanisavljević, M. Ćeran, D. Trkulja, B. Mitrović
Molecular and phenotypic characterisation of diverse temperate maize inbred lines in Southeast Europe
V. Bražinskienė, R. Asakavičiūtė, A. Ražukas, L. Ivanauskas
Quantification of biologically active compounds in the tubers of potato varieties of different maturity
K. Just, M. N. Sattar, U. Arif, A. Luik, A. Kvarnheden
Infectivity of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus isolated from imported tomato fruit in Estonia
Z. S. Ilic, L. Milenkovic, L. Šunic, S. Barac, J. Mastilovic, Ž. Kevrešan, E. Fallik
Effect of shading by colour nets on yield and fruit quality of sweet pepper
V. Krunglevičiūtė, R. Želvytė, I. Monkevičienė, J. Kantautaitė, R. Stankevičius, M. Ružauskas, E. Bartkienė
Applicability of Pediococcus strains for fermentation of cereal bran and its influence on the milk yield of dairy cattle
B. Borawska-Jarmulowicz, G. Mastalerczuk, D. Gozdowski, E. Małuszyńska, A. Szydłowska
The sensitivity of Lolium perenne and Poa pratensis to salinity and drought during the seed germination and under different photoperiod conditions
N. Burbulis, R. Vainorienė, A. Blinstrubienė, V. Jonytienė, V. Liakas
Effect of potassium bicarbonate on photosynthesis parameters in Setaria viridis under drought conditions
M. A. S. Raza, A. M. Shahid, M. F. Saleem, I. H. Khan, S. Ahmad, M. Ali, R. Iqbal
Effects and management strategies to mitigate drought stress in oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.): a review
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