105(1) volume

Volume 105, Number 1 (2018)


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A. Velykis, A. Satkus
The impact of tillage, Ca-amendment and cover crop on the physical state of a clay loam soil
P. Kraska, S. Andruszczak, P. Oleszczuk, M. Świeca, E. Kwiecińska-Poppe, P. Gierasimiuk, K. Różyło, E. Pałys
The content of elements and quality parameters of winter rye grain as influenced by biochar-amended soil
R. Velička, R. Pupalienė, L. M. Butkevičienė, R. Kosteckas, Z. Kriaučiūnienė,
S. Kosteckienė
Weed density in the spring rape crops sown at different dates
S. Jankauskienė
Evaluation of some old Lithuanian flax cultivars included in the List of Lithuanian Traditional Crafts
G. Statkevičiūtė, V. Kemešytė, A. Aleliūnas, K. Jonavičienė, G. Brazauskas
LpBRI1 polymorphism association with flag leaf architecture in perennial ryegrass
G. Branković, D. Dodig, V. Pajić, V. Kandić, D. Knežević, N. Đurić, T. Živanović
Genetic parameters of Triticum aestivum and Triticum durum for technological quality properties in Serbia
H. M. A. Jamil, S. Rashid, G. H. Abbasi, R. Ahmad
Differential expression of antioxidants, Fe and Zn transporter genes in wheat under Pb stress
M. Matoša Kočar, A. Sudarić, R. Sudar, T. Duvnjak, Z. Zdunić
Screening of early maturing soybean genotypes for production of high quality edible oil
D. Urbonavičienė, R. Bobinaitė, S. Trumbeckaitė, L. Raudonė, V. Janulis, Č. Bobinas,
P. Viškelis
Agro-industrial tomato by-products and extraction of functional food ingredients
J. Viškelis, N. Uselis, M.Liaudanskas, V. Janulis, P. Bielicki, T. Univer, J. Lepsis,
D. Kviklys
Triterpenic acid content in the fruit peels of Malus × domestica Borkh. depends on the growing technology
H. M. Lajayer, H. Zakizadeh, Y. Hamidoghli, M. H. Bigluei, E. Chamani
Ornamental potential and freezing tolerance of six Thymus spp. species as ground-covering plants in the landscape
Short communication
M. Dikilitas, A. Çelik Oğuz, A. Karakaya
Extracellular protease activity and glucose production in isolates of net blotch pathogens differing in virulence
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