105(2) volume

Volume 105, Number 2 (2018)

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J. Arbačauskas, A. Masevičienė, L. Žičkienė, G. Staugaitis
Mineral nitrogen in soils of Lithuania’s agricultural land: comparison of oven-dried and field-moist samples
M. Tanska, J. Buczek, W. Jarecki, A.Wasilewska, I. Konopka
Grain morphology, texture and colour-related compounds of bread wheat cultivars in relation to cultivation regimes and growing location
S. Doneva, N. Daskalova, P. Spetsov
Transfer of novel storage proteins from a synthetic hexaploid line into bread wheat
A. Karami, A. Sepehri
Nano titanium dioxide and nitric oxide alleviate salt induced changes in seedling growth, physiological and photosynthesis attributes of barley
A. Bender, S. Tamm
Seed yield of tetraploid red clover as influenced by cover crop management
V. Buhaiov, V. Horenskyy, A. Liatukienė
The response of Medicago sativa to aluminium toxicity under laboratory and field conditions
B. Sawicka, W. Michałek, P. Pszczółkowski, H. Danilcenko
Variation in productivity of Ipomoea batatas at various rates of nitrogen fertilization
M. Z. Islam, M. A. Mele, K.-Y. Choi, H.-M. Kang
The effect of silicon and boron foliar application on the quality and shelf life of cherry tomatoes
R. Karklelienė, D. Juškevičienė, A. Radzevičius, A. Sasnauskas
Productivity and adaptability of the new carrot and garlic cultivars in Lithuania
Š. Morkūnaitė-Haimi, J. Vinskienė, G. Stanienė, P. Haimi
Efficient isolation of chloroplasts from in vitro shoots of Malus and Prunus
W. Warabieda, G. Soika, M. Cieślińska
Cacopsylla pruni in Poland and its significance as a vector of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma prunorum’
R. Vyšniauskienė, V. Rančelienė, D. Naugžemys, J. Patamsytė, Z. Sinkevičienė,
J. Butkuvienė, D. Žvingila
Genetic diversity of populations of Bidens genera invasive and native species in Lithuania
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