105(3) volume

Volume 105, Number 3 (2018)

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M. Are, T. Kaart, A. Selge, A. Astover, E. Reintam
The interaction of soil aggregate stability with other soil properties as influenced by manure and nitrogen fertilization
M. Mierzwa-Hersztek, K. Gondek, A. Klimkowicz-Pawlas, M. Kopeć, T. Lošák
Effect of coapplication of poultry litter biochar and mineral fertilisers on soil quality and crop yield;
I. Višniauskė, K. Barčauskaitė, E. Bakšienė, R. Mažeika
Evaluation of contamination levels of different types of composts and their suitability for usage in agriculture
O. Auškalnienė, G. Kadžienė, D. Janušauskaitė, S. Supronienė
Changes in weed seed bank and flora as affected by soil tillage systems
K. A. Gruznova, D. I. Bashmakov, J. Miliauskienė, V. Vaštakaitė, P. Duchovskis,
A. S. Lukatkin
The effect of a growth regulator Ribav-Extra on winter wheat seedlings exposed to heavy metals
D. Živanov, A. Savić, S. Katanski, Đ. Karagić, B. Milošević, D. Milić, V. Đorđević,
S. Vujić, Đ. Krstić, B. Ćupina
Intercropping of field pea with annual legumes for increasing grain yield production
I. Sergiev, D. Todorova, E. Shopova, J. Jankauskienė, E. Jankovska-Bortkevič,
S. Jurkonienė
Effects of auxin analogues and heat stress on garden pea
A. Viršilė, A. Brazaitytė, J. Jankauskienė, J. Miliauskienė, V. Vaštakaitė, I. Odminytė,
A. Novičkovas, G. Samuolienė
Pre-harvest LED lighting strategies for reduced nitrate contents in leafy vegetables
E. Ropelewska, K. J. Jankowski, P. Zapotoczny, B. Bogucka
Thermophysical and chemical properties of seeds of traditional and double low cultivars of white mustard
N. Rasiukevičiūtė, R. Rugienius, J. B. Šikšnianienė
Genetic diversity of Botrytis cinerea from strawberry in Lithuania
A. Celik Oguz, F. Olmez, A. Karakaya
Mating type idiomorphs of Pyrenophora teres in Turkey
S. Ahmadpour, O. Sofalian, R. Darvishzadeh, N. Abbaspour
Preliminary evidence of the associations between DNA markers and morphological characters in sunflower under natural and salt stress conditions
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