105(4) volume

Volume 105, Number 4 (2018)

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M. Kochiieru, K. Lamorski, V. Feiza, D. Feizienė, J. Volungevičius
The effect of soil macroporosity, temperature and water content on CO2 efflux in soils of different genesis and land management
B. Pupin, D. E. N. Rangel, E. Nahas
Response of CO2 efflux from forest and annual crop as a function of water retention capacity and the addition of nitrogen
V. Bogužas, A. Sinkevičienė, K. Romaneckas, V. Steponavičienė, L. Skinulienė,
L. M. Butkevičienė
The impact of tillage intensity and meteorological conditions on soil temperature, moisture content and CO2 efflux in maize and spring barley cultivation
L. Legzdina, E. Ivdre, D. Piliksere, A. Vaivode, I. Mierina, M. Jure
Effect of genotype and crop management systems on the content of antioxidants in hulless and covered spring barley
M. Jarvan, L. Lukme, I. Tupits, A. Akk
The productivity, quality and bread-making properties of organically and conventionally grown winter rye
A. Marcinkevičienė, R. Velička, L. M. Butkevičienė, M. Keidan, R. Pupalienė,
Z. Kriaučiūnienė, R. Kosteckas, S. Čekanauskas, S. Raudonius
The impact of non-chemical weed control methods on the disease occurrence in the organically grown winter oilseed rape crop
E. Bakšienė, J. Titova
Effects of cultivation technologies on woody biomass yield of various willow (Salix spp.) cultivars
I. Pašakinskienė, D. Švėgždienė
A comparative lowered temperature response in root apex cellular growth of Festuca pratensis and ×Festulolium braunii
H. R. Bolok Yazdi, S. K. Sabbagh, M. Mazaheri, M. Salari, S. M. Moshtaghioun
Virus-induced gene silencing for functional analysis of eds1 gene in tomato infected with Ralstonia solanacearum
A. Karanfil, B. Cevik, S. Korkmaz
Detection of Lettuce mosaic virus infection in South Marmara region of Turkey and coat protein gene characterization
D. Bjelić, M. Ignjatov, J. Marinković, D. Milošević, Z. Nikolić,
J. Gvozdanović-Varga, M. Karaman
Bacillus isolates as potential biocontrol agents of Fusarium clove rot of garlic
J. Jatkauskas, V. Vrotniakienė, R. Stoškus
Variations in fermentation, bacterial population and aerobic stability in maize silage
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