106(4) volume

Volume 106, Number 4 (2019)

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V. Chmelik, B. Šarapatka, O. Machač, J. Mikula, V. Laška, I. H. Tuf
The effect of farming system and management practices on surface-dwelling soil macrofauna
E. Y. Rizhiya, I. M. Mukhina, E. V. Balashov, V. Šimansky, N. P. Buchkina
Effect of biochar on N2O emission, crop yield and properties of Stagnic Luvisol in a field experiment
D. Karčauskienė, R. Repšienė, D. Ambrazaitienė, I. Mockevičienė, R. Skuodienė,
G. Šiaudinis
A complex assessment of mineral fertilizers with humic substances in an agroecosystem of acid soil
Ž. Kryževičius, L. Janušienė, D. Karčauskienė, A. Šlepetienė, M. Vilkienė, A. Žukauskaitė
Aluminium leaching response to acid precipitation in a lime-affected soil
M. Toleikienė, C. Brophy, A. Arlauskienė, J. Rasmussen, V. Gecaitė, Ž. Kadžiulienė
The introduction of soybean in an organic crop rotation in the Nemoral zone: the impact on subsequent spring wheat productivity
O. K. Akinroluyo, I. Urbanavičiūtė, K. Jaškūnė, V. Kemešytė, G. Statkevičiūtė
Differences in salt tolerance between diploid and autotetraploid lines of Lolium multiflorum at the germination and vegetative stages
H. Hatami Maleki, R. Darvishzadeh, M. Salehian, G. Bagheri, B. Zahedi
Genetic structure and identification of molecular markers associated with agrobiological traits in Capsicum annuum accessions
Z. Zydlik, P. Zydlik, T. Kleiber
The effect of the mycorrhization on the content of macroelements in the soil and leaves of blueberry cultivated after replantation
A. Bieniek, B. Markuszewski, J. Kopytowski, S. Pluta, J. Markowski
Yielding and fruit quality of several cultivars and breeding clones of Amelanchier alnifolia grown in north-eastern Poland
I. Mažeikienė, A. D. Juškytė, V. Stanys
Application of marker-assisted selection for resistance to gall mite and Blackcurrant reversion virus in Ribes genus
I. Stafecka, D. Grauda, V. Stramkale
The evaluation of disease resistance of flax genotypes in relation to environmental factors
J. Sinkevičienė, A. Amšiejus
Mycobiota in bee pollen collected by different types of traps
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