107(2) volume

Volume 107, Number 2 (2020)

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O. Auškalnienė, G. Kadžienė, R. Stefanovičienė, B. Jomantaitė
Development of herbicides resistance in Apera spica-venti in Lithuania
G. Imriz, F. Özdemir, M. S. Karaca, M. N. Taş, İ. Topal, B. Ercan
Biological control potential of rhizosphere bacteria with ACC-deaminase activity against Fusarium culmorum in wheat
I. Polišenská, K. Vaculová, O. Jirsa, I. Sedlačková, J. Frydrych
The effect of Fusarium culmorum on yield and grain characteristics of winter wheat cultivars
S. Janavičienė, A. Mankevičienė, Y. Kochiieru
The fate of deoxynivalenol and its derivatives in spring wheat whole-grain flour during storage
M. Holka, J. Bienkowski
Assessment of toxicity impacts of chemical protection of winter wheat, sugar beet and winter rape on aquatic ecosystems and humans
M. Almogdad, K. Tamošiūnas, R. Semaškienė
Changes in Sitona lineatus abundance in faba beans as influenced by the air temperature and rainfall in the three decades
L. Šernaitė, N.Rasiukevičiūtė, E.Dambrauskienė, P. Viškelis, A. Valiuškaitė
Biocontrol of strawberry pathogen Botrytis cinerea using plant extracts and essential oils
A. Popovic, N. Kravic, M. Babic, S. Prodanovic, M. Sečanski, V. Babic
Breeding potential of maize landraces evaluated by their testcross performance
O. K. Akinroluyo, K. Jaškūnė, V. Kemešytė, G. Statkevičiūtė
Drought stress response of Westerwolds ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum spp. multiflorum) cultivars differing in their ploidy level
A. Blinstrubienė, N. Burbulis, N. Juškevičiūtė, R. Žūkienė
Factors affecting organogenesis of Stevia rebaudiana and in vitro accumulation of steviol glycosides
X. Hu, J. Chen, L. Zhu
Soil aggregate size distribution and stability of farmland as affected by dry and wet sieving methods
M. A. Rachenko, A. M. Rachenko
The variation of the content of dehydrin proteins in the bark of Malus spp. trees differing in winter hardiness in Southern Cisbaikalia conditions
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