107(3) volume

Volume 107, Number 3 (2020)

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V. Steponavičienė, V. Bogužas, A. Sinkevičienė, L. Skinulienė, A. Sinkevičius, E. Klimas
Soil physical state as influenced by long-term reduced tillage, no-tillage and straw management
A. Kazlauskaite-Jadzevice, L. Tripolskaja, J. Volungevicius, E. Baksiene
Which land use is better suited to increase the fertility of ex-arable sandy soils?
R. Skuodienė, I. Kinderienė, D. Tomchuk, J. Šlepetys, D. Karčauskienė
Root development of temporary and permanent grasslands and their anti-erosion significance on a hilly terrain
A. Arlauskiene, J. Ceseviciene, A. Slepetiene
Effect of catch crop, straw management and fertilisation on the productivity of field pea and winter wheat crop sequence
H. Raave, J. Escuer-Gatius, K. Kauer, M. Shanskiy, T. Tonutare, A. Astover
Permanent grassland hay-derived biochar increases plant N, P and K uptake on an acidic soil
J. Titova, E. Baltrėnaitė-Gedienė, A. Medyńska-Juraszek, E. Bakšienė
Leaching of potentially toxic elements from biochars intended for soil improvement
K. Amaleviciute-Volunge, A. Slepetiene, B. Butkute
Methane yield of perennial grasses as affected by the chemical composition of their biomass
M. Stankiewicz-Kosyl, M. Wrochna, M. Tołłoczko
Increase in resistance to sulfonylurea herbicides in Alopecurus myosuroides populations in north-eastern Poland
S. Akbari, S. Mirfakhraie, S. Aramideh, M. H. Safaralizadeh
Effect of fungal isolates and imidacloprid on cabbage aphid Brevicoryne brassicae and its parasitoid Diaeretiella rapae
J. Grahovac, I. Mitrovic, J. Dodic, M. Grahovac, Z. Rončevic, S. Dodic, A. Jokic
Biocontrol agent for apple Fusarium rot: optimization of production by Streptomyces hygroscopicus
M. Mirosavljevic, V. Momčilovic, S. Mikic, I. Abičic, N. Pržulj
Breeding progress in grain filling and grain yield components of six-rowed winter barley
S. Sasani, R. Amiri, H. R. Sharifi, A. Lotfi
Impact of sowing date on bread wheat kernel quantitative and qualitative traits under Middle East climate conditions
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