107(4) volume

Volume 107, Number 4 (2020)

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A. Šlepetienė, Ž. Kadžiulienė, D. Feizienė, I. Liaudanskienė, K. Amalevičiūtė-Volungė,
J. Šlepetys, A. Skersienė, A. Velykis, K. Armolaitis 
The distribution of organic carbon, its forms and macroelements in agricultural soils


X. Wu, Y. Zhang, P. He, X. Huang, K. Huang
Effects of tillage methods on senescence and grain filling characteristics of Tartary buckwheat


A. Liatukienė, V. Ruzgas, Ž. Liatukas, R. Skuodienė
The response of Medicago sativa to mobile aluminium toxicity at seedling stage


K. Amalevičiūtė-Volungė, A. Šlepetienė, B. Butkutė
The suitability of perennial grasses for combustion as influenced by chemical composition and plant growth stage


V. Danytė, A. Gorash, A. Liatukienė, Ž. Liatukas
Trends changes of oat genotypes grown in Lithuania


A. Aleliūnas, K. Jaškūnė, G. Statkevičiūtė, G. Vaitkevičiūtė, G. Brazauskas, R. Armonienė
Transcriptome changes triggered by a short-term low temperature stress in winter wheat 


Z. Miladinov, S. Balesevic Tubic, J. Crnobarac, J. Miladinovic, P. Canak, V. Djukic,
K. Petrovic
Effects of foliar application of solutions of ascorbic acid, glycine betaine, salicylic acid on the yield and seed germination of soybean in South Eastern Europe conditions


M. Stojanovic, I. Petrovic, M. Žuža, Z. Jovanovic, D. Moravčevic, G. Cvijanovic, S. Savic
The productivity and quality of Lactuca sativa as influenced by microbiological fertilisers and seasonal conditions


S. Topkaya, C. Desbiez
Molecular characterization of Cucurbit aphid-borne yellows virus (CABYV) affecting cucurbits in Turkey


M. Seidenglanz, R. Bajerova, P. Kolarik, E. Hrudova, J. Havel, J. Tancik, M. Rusenakova,
P. Bokor, F. Kocourek, J. Stara, L. Vichova, J. Šafar
The correlation between the susceptibilities to lambda-cyhalothrin and tau-fluvalinate in Czech and Slovak pollen beetle populations


N. Uselis, J. Viškelis, J. Lanauskas, M. Liaudanskas, V. Janulis, D. Kviklys
Planting distance affects apple tree growth, fruit yield and quality


A. Ezzat, A. R. El-Sherif, D. Elgear, S. Szabo, I. J. Holb
A comparison of fruit and leaf parameters of apple in three orchard training systems




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