108(2) volume

Volume 108, Number 2 (2021)

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E. Balashov, S. Pellegrini, P. Bazzoffi
Effects of winter wheat roots on recovery of bulk density, penetration resistance and water-stable aggregation of sandy loam Eutric Cambisol and clayey loam Vertic Cambisol after compaction
A. Litvinovich, O. Pavlova, A. Lavrishchev, V. Bure, E. Saljnikov
Magnesium leaching processes from sod-podzolic sandy loam reclaimed by increasing doses of finely ground dolomite
Y. Lu, X. Li, W. Wang, S. Li, Y. Zhang, L. Xuan, P. Tian
Impacts of itaconic acid on the physiological traits of crop seedlings
D. I. Bashmakov, A. S. Lukatkin, J. Miliauskienė, L. Duchovskienė, P. Duchovskis
The efficiency of pre-treatment of maize seeds with plant growth regulators for resistance of maize seedlings to zinc ions
Ž. Liatukas, V. Ruzgas
The new waxy winter wheat cultivar ‘Minija DS’
O. Okhrymovych, G. Chebotar, S. Chebotar, I. Motsny
Evaluation of effects of Rht-b1a/b/e alleles by using the isogenic lines of bread winter wheat
E. Venslovas, L. Merkeviciute-Venslove, A. Mankeviciene, Y. Kochiieru, A. Slepetiene, J. Ceseviciene
The prevalence of mycotoxins and their relation to nutrient composition of maize and grass silage
G. Kanižai Šaric, I. Rapčan, I. Potočnik, A. Sarajlic, I. Majic
Potential of lactic acid bacteria in biocontrol of Aspergillus niger, Penicillium chrysogenum and Fusarium graminearum in culture media and natural substrate
J. Sinkevičienė, N. Burbulis, V. Baliukonienė
The influence of storage conditions on bee pollen contamination by microscopic fungi and their mycotoxins
M. Almogdad, R. Semaškienė
The occurrence and control of black bean aphids (Aphis fabae Scop.) in broad bean
A. Morkeliūnė, N. Rasiukevičiūtė, A. Valiuškaitė
Pathogenicity of Colletotrichum acutatum to different strawberry cultivars and anthracnose control with essential oils
C. Li, C. Ma, P. Chen, H. Feng, J. Shi, Y. Wang
Machine learning-based estimation of potato chlorophyll content at different growth stage using UAV hyperspectral data
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