108(3) volume

Volume 108, Number 3 (2021)

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J. Arbačauskas, A. Masevičienė, G. Staugaitis, L. Žičkienė, D. Šumskis, Z. Vaišvila
The influence of long-term fertilisation on phosphorus dynamics in the soil
G. Staugaitis, K. Poškus, Z. Brazienė, V. Paltanavičius
Optimization of nitrogen fertilisation of winter wheat
S. Zhang, Y. Zhu, H. Ni, Q. Yue, L. Su, X. Sun, K. Li, S. Liu, X. Liu, L. Zhao
The biocompatible soil amendment boosts the winter wheat yield and modulates soil microorganisms under saline-alkaline stress
P. Alaboz, O. Dengiz, S. Demir
Barley yield estimation performed by ANN integrated with the soil quality index modified by biogas waste application
A. Litvinovich, A. Lavrishchev, O. Pavlova, V. Bure, E. Saljnikov
Leaching of strontium from Albic Retisol limed with Sr-containing industrial waste
H. Sammama, M. El Kaoua, D. Hsissou, S. Latique, K. Selmaoui, M. N. Alfeddy
The impact of wheat and faba bean intercrop on the competitive interactions, grain yield, biochemical parameters and mineral content of leaves
G. Šidlauskaitė, M. Toleikienė, Ž. Kadžiulienė
Productivity potential of three tetraploid ryegrass cultivars and their mixture in new swards with clovers
M. Galytska, M. Kulyk, D. Rakhmetov, V. Kurylo, I. Rozhko
Effect of cultivation method of Panicum virgatum and soil organic matter content on the biomass yield
A. Taranenko, M. Kulyk, M. Galytska, S. Taranenko, I. Rozhko
Dynamics of soil organic matter in Panicum virgatum sole crops and intercrops
M. Sunusi, Z. Wang, Y. Tsago, J. A. EshaqJ. Liu, A. Khan, Z. Chen, C. Shi, X. Jin
Fine mapping and candidate analysis of Osgl: a gene regulating grain shape and quality in japonica rice
S. Radičević, V. Ognjanov, S. Marić, G. Barać
The effect of genotype and temperature interaction on pollen performance in the pistils of autochthonous sour cherry cultivar ‘Feketićka
M. Lacko-Bartošová, L. Lacko-Bartošová, P. Konvalina, E. Matejková, D. Bielikov
Rheological dough properties of organic spelt and emmer wheat for assessment of bread making quality
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