108(4) volume

Volume 108, Number 4 (2021)

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J. Kelpšienė, D. Šneideris, D. Burokienė, S. Supronienė
The presence of pathogenic bacteria Pseudomonas syringae in cereals in Lithuania


B. Bankina, F. L. Stoddard, J. Kaneps, E. Brauna-Morževska, G. Bimšteine, I. Neusa-Luca, A. Roga, D. Fridmanis
Botrytis four species are associated with chocolate spot disease of faba bean in Latvia


S. Soylu, M. Kara, A. Uysal, Ş. Kurt, E. M. Soylu
Determination of antagonistic potential of endophytic bacteria isolated from lettuce against lettuce white mould disease caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

I. Vepštaitė-Monstavičė, J. Lukša, E. Servienė
Interaction of host factors in response to yeast K2 toxin stress – attractiveness for plant protection
I. Hussain, A. Khan, H. Akbar, Z. Hussain
Maize response to soil properties improved with beneficial microbes, humic acid and farmyard manure application

M. G. M. Abd El-Rahim, S. Dou, L. Xin, S. Xie, A. Sharaf, A. Alio Moussa, M. A. Eissa, A-R. A. Mustafa, G. A. M. Ali, M. H. Hamed
Effect of biochar addition method on ammonia volatilization and quality of chicken manure compost


A. Buntić, O. Stajković-Srbinović, M. Knežević, N. Rasulić, V. Ugrenović, D. Kuzmanović, D. Delić
Efficiency of alfalfa seed priming and rhizobial-based liquid inoculants in an Eutric Cambisol


D. Stamenov, S. Djuric, T. Hajnal-Jafari, S. Andjelković
Autochthonous plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria enhance Thymus vulgaris growth in well-watered and drought-stressed conditions


V. Ivanina, R. Shapovalenko, O. Strilets, S. Senchuk
Sugar beet fertilisation for sustainable yield under climate change conditions


O. K. Akinroluyo, V. Kemešytė, K. Jaškūnė, G. Statkevičiūtė
Candidate-gene expression patterns in diploid and tetraploid Lolium multiflorum spp. multiflorum cultivars under water deficit


S. H. Eom, H. J. Lee, S. H. Wi, S. K. Kim, T. K. Hyun
Identification and functional prediction of long non-coding RNAs responsive to heat stress in heading type Chinese cabbage


N. Burbulis, A. Blinstrubienė, A. Petruškevičius
In vitro propagation of Passiflora edulis through internodal segments as affected by medium composition

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