109(1) volume

Volume 109, Number 1 (2022)

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R. Skuodienė, V. Matyžiūtė
Assessment of an abandoned grassland community and the soil seed bank of a hilly relief
T. V. Abramova, N. P. Buchkina
Short-term effect of heavy precipitation on nutrient leaching from arable sandy loam soil amended with fertiliser and biochar
I. V. Kosakivska, L. V. Voytenko, V. A. Vasyuk, M. M. Shcherbatiuk
Effect of pre-sowing priming of seeds with exogenous abscisic acid on endogenous hormonal balance of spelt wheat under heat stress
D. Radić, V. Karličić, J. Đorđević, J. Jovičić-Petrović, I. Kljujev, B. Lalević, V. Raičević
Soil yeasts promoting plant growth: benefits for the development of common wheat and white mustard
H. H. Orak, M. Karamać, R. Amarowicz, A. Orak, M. A. Janiak, H. S.
Tenikecier. Variations of genotypes of Vicia species as influenced by seed phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity
B. S. Didani, R. Dumlupinar
Common bean seedlings show increased tolerance to cool temperatures when treated with progesterone, β-oestradiol, abscisic acid, and salicylic acid
L. Loshyna, О. Bulko, M. Kuchuk
Adventitious regeneration of blackberry and raspberry shoots and the assessment of the LED-lighting impact
S. Aras, H. Keles, E. Bozkurt
Iron deficiency impacts chlorophyll biosynthesis, leaf cell expansion, xylem development and physiology of Prunus persica grafted onto rootstocks Garnem and GF 677
L. Zorić, N. Magazin, D. Karanović, Z. Keserović, B. Milić, V. Ognjanov, J. Luković
Anatomical characteristics of Prunus domestica vascular tissue and their implications for selection programmes
I. Pánková, V. Krejzar
Bacterial canker pathogens present in the materials of Prunus armeniaca propagation
I. Müller, J. Kesselring, V. Vrotniakiene, J. Jatkauskas
Inoculation of whole-plant maize with viable lactic acid bacteria: effects on silage fermentation, aerobic stability and performance of dairy cows
V. Tamutis, V. Sruoga, L. Česonienė, R. Daubaras
The first appearance of the citrus flower moth (Prays citri (Millière, 1873)) (Lepidoptera: Praydidae) in Lithuania
IN MEMORIAM Dangira Šidlauskienė 94
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