108(1) volume

Volume 108, Number 1 (2021)

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M. Kochiieru, V. Feiza, D. Feizienė, J. Volungevičius, I. Deveikytė,
V. Seibutis, S. Pranaitienė
The effect of environmental factors and root system on CO2 efux in different types of soil and land uses
I. Liaudanskienė, T. Žukaitis, A. Velykis, A. Satkus, I. Parašotas
The impact of tillage practices on the distribution of humifed organic carbon in a clay loam
K. Bunevičienė, D. Drapanauskaitė, R. Mažeika, V. Tilvikienė
Biofuel ash granules as a source of soil and plant nutrients
R. Skuodienė, R. Repšienė, D. Karčauskienė, V. Matyžiūtė
The effect of liming and organic fertilisation on the incidence of weeds in the crops of the rotation
S. Rancāne, D. E. Ruņģis, D. Kreišmane, I. Vēzis, A. Rebāne, A. Jansons
Assessment of Lolium perenne tetraploid clones produced from a diverse diploid breeding population
V. Sterna, M. Bleidere, M. Sabovics, A. Auzins, I. Leimane, A. Krievina
Improving nutritional value of products with flour of the hulless barley cultivar ‘Kornelija’ as an ingredient
J. M. Golijan, D. D. Milinčić, R. B. Petronijević, M. B. Pešić, S. P. Stanojević, M. B. Barać, S. Lekić, A. Ž. Kostić
Comparison of sugars, lipids and phenolics content in the grains of organically and conventionally grown soybean in Serbia
A. Kikas, P. Laurson, A.-V. Libek
Evaluation of the biological-economic and biochemical traits of promising Ribes nigrum hybrids in Estonia
A. Butkevičiūtė, M. Liaudanskas, D. Kviklys, D. Gelvonauskienė, V. Janulis
Qualitative and quantitative composition of triterpenic compounds in the fruit of apple old cultivars grown in Lithuania
M. Kajkut Zeljković, B. Bosančić, G. Đurić, H. Flachowsky,
L. Garkava-Gustavsson
Genetic diversity of pear germplasm in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as revealed by SSR markers
R. O. Mendoza-Tafolla, R. E. Ontiveros-Capurata, P. Juarez-Lopez,
I. Alia-Tejacal, V. Lopez-Martinez, O. Ruiz-Alvarez
Nitrogen and chlorophyll status in romaine lettuce using spectral indices from RGB digital images
L.-X. Wang, I.-L. Choi, H.-M. Kang
Surface sterilisation using chemical or physical methods influence microbial growth and quality of green asparagus
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