Volume 109, Number 4 (2022)

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A. Veršulienė, G. Kadžienė, M. Kochiieru, S. Pranaitienė, L. Meškauskienė, O. Auškalnienė
Response of spring barley root and soil physical properties to changes under cover crop and different tillage
P. Astrauskas, G. Staugaitis, A. Masevičienė, L. Žičkienė
Variation of winter wheat grain yield and its quality in fields with different soil cover
L. M. Butkevičienė, V. Steponavičienė, R. Pupalienė, L. Skinulienė, R. Čepulienė, V. Bogužas
Wheat productivity in different tillage systems after using biostimulants and their mixtures
Y. E. Kolupaev, T. O. Yastreb, A. M. Salii, A. I. Kokorev, N. I. Ryabchun, O. A. Zmiievska, M. A. Shkliarevskyi
State of antioxidant and osmoprotective systems in etiolated winter wheat seedlings of different cultivars due to their drought tolerance
S. E. Okrushko 
Allelopathic effect of couch grass (Elymus repens L.) on germination of common wheat seeds


O. Auškalnienė, G. Kadžienė, O. Ivashchenko, Y. Makukh, S. Remeniuk, S. Moshkivska, V. Riznyk
Chemical control of Sosnowsky’s hogweed (Heracleum sosnowskyi Manden.) in Ukraine
K. Fastovetska, A. Slepetiene, E. Vigricas, G. Urbaitis, O. Belova
Lead content in plant materials in the buffer zones of surface water bodies of Northwestern and Central regions of Lithuania
L. Zhu, X. Zhao, Ch. Wang, J. Wang, P. Wang, Ch. Tian
Trichoderma affects plant growth and soil ecological environment: A mini-review
S. Çam, Ç. Küçük, C. Cevheri
The effect of salinity-resistant biofilm-forming Azotobacter spp. on salt tolerance in maize growth
E. Venslovas, A. Mankevičienė, Y. Kochiieru, L. Merkevičiūtė-Venslovė, S. Janavičienė
Effect of storage conditions on the occurrence of mycotoxins and nutrient composition in maize grains
S. Aras
Sodium nitroprusside and acetylsalicylic acid provided earliness in peach flower bud phenological stages by triggering xylogenesis
E. Misiukevičius, V. Stanys
Induction and analysis of polyploids in daylily (Hemerocallis L.) plants
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